Hazard Insurance

Requirements for 1-4 unit properties apply to similar residential properties within a Planned Unit Development (PUD) or a ground lease community.

For first lien home mortgages on 1-4 unit properties, the hazard insurance coverage must be equal to the lesser of:

Deductible for hazard policies must conform to investor guidelines. Deductible requirements on Jumbo loans must meet FNMA requirements.

A hazard insurance policy that meets the following specifications must be provided by the applicant at closing:

The following endorsements are required for PUD and condominium projects. Inflation Guard Endorsement, if available; Construction Code Endorsement, if there is a construction code provision that wo...

One-to-four family residences must protect against loss or damage from fire and other hazards covered by the standard extended coverage endorsement. The coverage should be of the type that provides...