19-22: Announcement: Non-US Citizens


Non-US Citizens

Fannie Mae recently provided clarification stating borrowers are considered legally present in
the US if the borrower has a Social Security Number and has current verified status which can
be documented with a valid employment authorization card or other documentation showing
immigration status is current.

PennyMac is aligning with Fannie Mae’s clarification regarding documenting a borrower is
legally present in the US, including borrowers present under Deferred Action against
Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

As a reminder, PennyMac requires all borrowers to have a valid Social Security Number. In
addition, PennyMac aligns with the applicable end Agency’s requirements for residency status
as summarized below. Lenders remain responsible for ensuring all borrowers meet the
applicable end Agency requirements regarding residency.

Agency Eligibility with DACA
Fannie Mae B2-2-02 DACA recipients are eligible with proof of legal status, including but not limited to valid EAD card
Freddie Mac 5103.2 DACA recipients are ineligible
FHA 4000.1 II A.1.b. (A)(9) DACA recipients are ineligible
VA Chapter 2 Veterans with DACA status are eligible
USDA Chapter 8.2 F DACA recipients are ineligible


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